Yeah, that’s the deal. We’re coming to Patreon, and it’s a good thing – allow me to explain.

If you want to get the work early, and other works, including tons of Blackjack stuff, then you’re going to want to follow us on Patreon.

The thing is,  while giving everyone an affordable experience.

When’s it coming? It’s coming 3/13/18.

Oh, I get it, you’re going to snag us for a couple of bucks a month, instead of the cover price of the Blackjack books ($2.99). No. You’re getting early access to the same book for a little more than buying the book on Amazon, sure, but you’ll also get exclusive access to all of our other stories, including Patriots & Tyrants, Trevor Kane and the Sword of Heavens, The Legend of Sunset Rollins and Interstellar Overdrive, as well as additional Blackjack stories, from novellas, to an ongoing Blackjack “elseworlds” story that will explore what would have happened if our favorite villain had never found a conscience. Also, you’ll have exclusive access to our weekly podcast, Ben’s daily VLOG, Blackjack’s Beatdown weekly newsletter and so much more. We’re also founding our writer’s academy, where we’ll offer group and private settings where Ben and Josh will work your story with you.

So it’s not going to suck. You’ll get a better, closer Blackjack experience, and you won’t pay through the nose for it. If you just want the books, don’t do anything – we’re not leaving Amazon. If you want more, and you want it sooner, this is exactly what you are looking for.

So click the link below starting 3/13/18 and sign up for a personalized experience into all of our works – featuring your favorite villain, Blackjack.

Coming 3/13/18